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Floating into the sea of debt? Well, you are not alone in this. There are millions of people who are there with you in this debt journey. If you spend beyond your means and purchase almost every item, then there is no doubt that you’ve mounted up enormous debt. What are you thinking to do in such a situation? You must take the necessary steps to get out of debt soon since the more you may delay, the more interest you’ll be charged for them. Besides this, having enormous debt will leave a negative impact on your credit score. As such, you won’t be able to get a good job and apply for any kind of loan since your credit score is assessed when you submit application for a job or require a loan. If you think you won’t be able to solve debt problems, why don’t you seek help of the debt attorneys? They have several years of experience and know how to tackle the debt situations of several people. Thus, you’ll be able to eradicate debt problems soon.

Some ways how a debt attorney can help you eradicate debts

Piled up too much debt? If you have been struggling for a long time to pay off debts but haven’t been successful yet, why don’t you appoint a debt attorney who will guide you through the entire process? Check out some ways how a debt attorney can help you reduce debt burden quickly.

  • Find how much debt you owe in total - Do you even know how many creditors you will have to pay for reducing debt? Most people don’t know and this is the reason why the debt problems are increasing with each passing day. You may hire a debt lawyer who will find out how much debt you owe in total. Besides this, he will also suggest you a suitable way so that you may be able to pay off the outstanding dues soon.


  • Get to know your rights – So, you are a debtor, right? Do you know about your rights as a debtor? It is obvious that you will not know them. You may appoint a debt lawyer who will help you by negotiating with your creditors so that they may agree to lessen the rate of interest or the payments. They possess the skills and so, they’ll be able to convince your creditors for reducing the interest or payment. However, it will be your entire responsibility to pay off the debt that you have accumulated.


  • Develop a suitable plan – Too worried about how you will be able to solve the debt problems? Your debt attorney may develop a suitable plan so that you can repay the outstanding debts soon. He will also find out if you require choosing any debt solution to pay off debts. Make sure that the plan you opt for will enable you to make the payments every month. There are various cases when the attorney may provide you suitable ideas so that you can reduce the debt problems quickly.


  • Debt attorney acts as the mediator – Are you having bad relation with your creditors? This must have happened if you have delayed in paying off your debts. Also, if you’ve missed out quite a few payments, then your creditor may consider you to turn out to be a defaulter soon. If you are facing any of these situations, then your creditor may even refuse to talk to you. So, what will you do in such a case? Appoint a debt attorney since he can act as a mediator between you and your creditors if you really have a bad relation with your creditor. Thus, the lawyer may handle the situation in a better way for you.


Are you too tensed as to how you will pay off your debts? If you really don’t find a way out, the best thing you can do is to appoint a debt attorney. With so many debt attorneys in the market, it is not that easy to choose a particular one. You will have to shop around to get in touch with a good lawyer. If needed, you may ask your friends to help you in case they know a good debt attorney who will be able to solve your debt problems soon.
Author Bio – Zinaida Grace is a financial writer.  She contributes her valuable posts to different financial communities, blogs and websites.


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The Anatomy of a Debt Buyer Lawsuit: The Answer

by J. Kutkowski on August 13, 2013

In my previous post, I discussed preliminary objections, and if you haven’t read it yet you should check it out here.

Today’s post is about the answer.  When you have a complaint filed against you in Lehigh County, you at least have to answer the complaint… but if you don’t answer properly, its as bad as not answering at all.

Credit card handcuffsFortunately an answer is a fairly straight-forward document, a rarity in the practice of law, and even a non-lawyer can do it (not that I recommend it).  The answer is required to mirror the complaint.  If the complaint has ten numbered paragraphs, your answer must also have ten numbered paragraphs, but simply denying everything is not going to help you.

grandpaThe first couple of paragraphs are party identifiers.  They will list your name, address and other personal information about you.  As long as that information is correct, then you should admit it.  If not, you should deny it as follows: “Paragraph 1, the averment in this paragraph is denied, my home address is 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Allentown, PA 18103, the remainder of averments in this paragraph are admitted.”

The Plaintiff will also list their name and address.  Plaintiffs generally know where they live, so feel free to admit that averment as well.  You can answer it as follows: “The averment in paragraph 2 is admitted as stated.”

So big deal, I know my address, what else can I do with my answer?  Well if you have properly used your preliminary objections, your case is probably already done, but if you decided not to file preliminary objections, you will need to admit, deny, or claim ignorance on the remaining paragraphs.

This is the sneaky part.

Plaintiff’s attorneys expect (correctly) that their Defendant will either not answer, or if they do answer, they will answer improperly.

OCTOPODIDAESuppose paragraph 3 reads: “Defendant Kerrigan is a known Octopus who happens to reside in the city of Allentown.”  Stupid I know, but if you just issue a blanket denial, our courts will deem the blanket denial as an admission.  In essence by improperly answering a paragraph, you have admitted that you are an octopus!  Once again I know this is ridiculous, but to make my point, the answer should be written as: “Defendant denies that he is an octopus, however the remainder of the averment in paragraph 3 is admitted.”  Of course if you don’t live in Allentown, then feel free to deny that too while denying that you are a mollusc.

chickenSuppose paragraph 4 reads: “Plaintiff Hancock is a chicken who also inhales oxygen.”  Again I realize these are ridiculous, but I write this to make a point.  If you don’t know if Hancock is a cross-dresser, you can say “Defendant is without knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as the truth of the averment in paragraph 4, therefore it is denied.”  The problem is that is also a blanket denial, and in Pennsylvania a blanket denial is treated as an admission.  In essence by issuing a blanket denial to a paragraph, you have admitted that your opponent is a chickenIt is more properly written as such: “Defendant is without knowledge or information to form a belief as to the truth of Plaintiff Hancock being a cross-dresser, therefore it is denied.  The remainder of the averments in paragraph 4 are admitted.” 

This is where the real practice of law comes into play, and this is where you need an attorney.  If you file an incorrectly worded answer, you may inadvertently admit to owing the debt and then you are sunk.

Cowboys racing across ridge in silhouetteIn most debt-buyer cases, a well written answer cannot help you, but a poorly written answer can hurt you.  Most debt buyer cases are under $50,000, which means they will be heard by an arbitrator.  In general, the arbitrators do not read the preliminary objections or answers unless the party fails to appear at arbitration (which is real dumb), so while an answer can’t help you, a poorly written answer can result in a motion for summary judgment and if that is granted, the case is over.

If you have already filed your answer, you have 20 days in Pennsylvania to file an amended answer for any reason, so if you’ve fallen into this trap, don’t delay in calling 610-928-1233 or emailing me at to set up an appointment.


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